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Plastic windows and doors

Window profiles are manufactured of a modern, highly resistant rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is a neutral and safe material for human health. It has excellent heat insulation, it is too easy to clean, good value for money. Joveld OÜ uses technology and materials developed by German company Inoutic GmbH, which ensures high quality of our products. Inoutic is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality PVC systems for windows and doors. Inoutic is a member of the Belgian Deceuninck Group which with its branches in over 75 countrires has a global network in the field of plastics processing.

Window profiles of the new Eforte series have beutiful design with thin lines and rounded edges. We can make a round, curved, triangular and trapezoidal windows. Customer can choose different colors from classic white to wood simulating. All colors can be used on the outside and the inside of the window. A set of different ventilation systems can be installed. We make Your home safer. We provide long-term guarantee on all windows we manufacture. With proper care, our windows will provide Your home with warmth and light for many years.

Eforte profiil

The well engineered classic for contemporary living

  • 71 mm system
  • Uf = 0.2; Uw up to 0.77 W/m2K
  • 2 design variations
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Uncompromisingly well made for lowest energy living

  • 84 mm system
  • Uf = 0.95; Uw up to 0.64 W/m2K
  • Passive house standard achievable with standard triple glazing


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