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Installation of windows and doors

We provide installation and cladding of the windows, doors and glass facades.
Joveld OÜ Company is registered in the Estonian construction register EEH002995.

When ordering our products includes installation, You can be sure that all items will be the right size that will provide them working without a glitch. In terms of assurance, quality of installation of windows and doors is same important as the quality of the product. We recommend ordering installation when you order the products.

For trouble-free installation and to get a good result, it is important to accurately measure the doorway or window opening. Because even in typical buildings sizes of the windows can vary, so it is especially important to conduct thorough and professional metering. An expert for measuring will come to the place to take the measurements of the windows. By calling our office, you can arrange a convenient time for measuring the windows. The windows are made based on expert made measurements.

The process of installation of a one window does not usually take more than 2-3 hours. When outdoor temperature is below -15 ° C, we recommend that you postpone the installation of windows on a warmer day. We will make our best in order to ensure that your order has been processed with high quality and in a shortest time frame possible.

The cost of installation work includes:

  • Free metering of the openings.
  • Free advice on choosing a product design.
  • Free delivery to your address.
  • Removal of old windows and doors.
  • Installation of new products with the sealing of windows in compliance with building codes.
  • Installation of window sills, water drainage, and additional equipment.

Additionally and in accordance with the price list you can order:

  • Transportation of old frames and debris
  • External cladding with strips
  • Interior cladding with a paintin
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