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We provide long-term guarantee on all our products. Warranty for PVC window is 3 years. Corrections made to the product during the warranty period shall not extend the original warranty period.

Guarantees and warranties:

  • The warranty on the window is the seller's obligation to replace or repair windows and doors free of charge or with charge in accordance with the terms of the guarantee or ensure product’s compliance with the terms of warranty in other ways.
  • The warranty period commences from the date customer was given a notice of the completion of works.
  • Implementation of warranty repair shall not extend the warranty period.
  • The client has every right to read the warranty terms in office Joveld OÜ, or online at
  • The windows and doors manufactured by Joveld OÜ have the warranty for 3 years and 2 years warranty for the installation works.

The warranty on the windows and doors covers:

  • chemical resistance of materials
  • color stability of materials
  • seal resistance to climatic influences
  • no-fail latching system (handles, hinges, locks)
  • water-resistance of windows and doors
  • resistance of corner joints of window profiles
  • moisture and dust resistance of the insides of the glass packages

The warranty on the windows and doors shall not apply to:

  • failure to comply with the requirements specified in the manual windows and doors
  • the damage caused by force majeure (hurricane, fire, war, etc.)
  • the damage caused by vandalism or other physical effects
  • the damage to windows and glass, which is not visually noticeable at a distance of 2 meters under normal lighting
  • the surface defects of materials (such as scratches, dents) that appeared after the product has been accepted by the customer
  • if the client or any other not authorized person did self-repairing, correction or any other improving to the product during the warranty period,
  • the decorative moldings, glued on the glass
  • the decorative moldings, installed on the glass packages of a special form

It is important to know!
Guarantee does not apply to adjustment of windows, if windows are not installed by Joveld OÜ. Adjustment of windows as warranty work is performed every 6 months after the installation of windows. Adjustment of the windows can be ordered additionally and paid in accordance with the current price list. Guarantee does not apply to the formation of condensation inside the window (because it is caused by a violation of the indoor environment).

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