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Guidelines for operation and maintenance

Plastic and aluminum windows require virtually no care, they rarely need cleaning and lubrication of moving parts. It is important to properly and safely use a window.

Users manual

  • No extra weight can be hanged on the window
  • Do not push and not press the window frame to the slopes
  • Do not place objects between the frame and flap.
  • In case of draft do not leave the window in rotary position.
  • Windows should not be used in non-use.

The windows manufactured by Joveld OÜ are quality products that are made by experts in their field. Therefore no post adjustment of latches is usually required. Slow deformation of the construction of the building structures and long-term operation of windows could lead to deterioration in the functioning of the window. In this case, post adjustment of latches may be necessary. If you have problems, please contact us.

In accordance with the principle of conservation of energy, new windows should be hermetic. Therefore, the room must be aired frequently, thus you can also adjust the humidity and prevent mold growth. The premises must be aired 3-4 times per day, depending on the extent and function of their use. The best way to ventilate is draughty ventilation for 4-5 minutes.

Modern windows are hermetic, and can "sweat" if the room temperature and humidity are significantly different from the outside. We recommend sun blinds if any, not to interfere the flow of warm air from the radiator to the window.


Recommendations for the care of the windows

The windows need regular care at least once a year. Care includes washing windows, cleaning and lubrication of closures and loops. If necessary, adjustment of the latches and the window frame.

Primary cleaning

Windows should always be cleaned immediately after installation. If not, then the seals and fittings can develop damages. All dirt should be removed with a damp sponge and water. Dry pieces of concrete and sawdust can be removed with the vacuum cleaner. Hardened pieces of concrete can be gently removed with a plastic or wooden trowel.

It is important to know!

After installation of windows, they must remain closed for 24 hours. During cladding, window must be closed in order to avoid contact of facing materials with the moving parts of the window.

Periodic cleaning

PVC-windows are known for their ease of care. It is necessary to wash the window frame and window seals each time you wash your windows

When cleaning windows use soft, non-abrasive cleaners (for example it is not allowed to wash plastic parts of the window with washing powder).Do not use solvents that can damage the seals or profile. Profile can be washed with detergents for windows or warm soapy water. Most suitable washing agent for the profile is a special cleaner for plastic.

At least once a year, mostly in the autumn, it is necessary to lubricate seals of the windows to keep them elastic. Only intended agents can be used for lubrication. We recommend silicone oil or vaseline.

To ensure durability and ease of use of window we recommend lubrication of moving parts locks, latches, by special grease 1-2 times a year. Greasing of latches is easy. Only moving parts and fasteners should be greased. Fat or oil that contains no acid or protein is suitable for this purpose.

  • For cleaning, use only the pH-neutral agents, which will not harm the protection against the corrosion of the latches.
  • Lubricate all moving parts and fasteners.
  • Use only the grease and lubricants, which do not contain acids or proteins.
  • Check the screws. Loose screws should be tightened again, damaged screws to be replaced.
  • If the hinges on the window with no decorative plastic shell, be sure to check the bolt lock and the lock of the upper loop.

Water drainage
Openings to the outside of the window frame should be clean, allowing water to drain freely. Water drainage should be cleaned off the dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner. A clogged drainage can be cleaned with wooden or plastic slats.

It is important to know!

Do not clean windows with

  • sharpened tools (knives, metal spatula, metal cotton, etc.), which damage the surface of the window
  • aggressive cleaning agents or solutions (nitro mixtures, nail polish remover, etc.) that cause damage to the surfaces of the elements.

WARNING! Functional defects of the window can pose a threat to your safety! We ask you not to use the window, but to fix the window in the same position and contact Joveld representative. It is not allowed to use gaskets or sealing material which contains acetic or another kind of acid. Contact with such sealing materials or their vapors can damage the surface of the fasteners. During the construction and repair works all details of the closing system must be protected from dust and debris arising.



Alljärgnevad hooldustoimed tuleb sooritada minimaalselt 6 (kuue) kuu tagant kõigile ustele ning välisustele. Suure kasutus-sagedusega uksi tuleb hooldada tihedamini.

  • Check the mechanical components of the closing system: locks, latches, indication sensors, locking equipment, etc. by opening and closing doors. If necessary, clean the holes for the bolts.
  • Check the hinges, lubricate if necessary.
  • Clean and lubricate the lock. Move the lock and latch a few times allowing the grease to spread evenly.
  • Clean and lubricate the parts of a possible blockage.
  • Twist the screws of hinges and other hardware features.
  • Check electrical (by locking equipment or electrical magnet) of the door that in that time is in the closed position and adjust it.

WARNING! While caring for the locks and other details of the closure, follow the manufacturer's instructions!


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